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50/50 Draws

2018 DRAWS:

Thursday, June 28th 50/50 Draw: 
Winner - Coty Loeppky from Niverville, MB
Winning Ticket # 1004612
Prize Amount - $9545.00

Friday, June 29th 50/50 Draw:
Winner - Pam Werbiski from Dauphin, MB 
Winning Prize Amount - $13,022.50
Winning Ticket # 2003727 

Saturday, June 30th 50/50 Draw:
Winner - Adam Keller from Oak Bank, MB
Winning Prize Amount - $20,137.50
Winning Ticket # - 3002244

Sunday, July 1st 50/50 Draw:
Winner - Marlin Bonyai from Thompson, MB
Winning Prize Amount - $18,165
Winning Ticket # - 4010606

Bacon Covered in Maple Syrup Eating Contest 

Taking home the prize for the 2nd year in a row is.... Brice Wiome!! 

The contest had a great audience watching and the winner scarfed down their plate of bacon and maple syrup in under 5 minutes! 

Contest - BaconEatingWinner2018

Flip Cup Tournament

Congratulations to The Back Door Sliders! They won a Corporate Pak to Countryfest 2019! 

Contest - FlipCupWinners2018

Best Dressed Canadian 

Gus & Cecile Filion from Ste Rose Du Lac, MB 

They won 2 weekend passes to Countryfest 2019. 

Contest - BestDressedCanadians2018

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