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Recycling & Garbage

Although it has always been a part of the operational procedures onsite, the further development of a Recycling Program was streamlined in 2008. More than $80,000 was invested in the start-up program of a full on site recycling compound. The program includes the reclamation of an unused sewage lagoon on site and the development of a permanent location for the placement of a moveable structure, complete with conveyor, to house the sorting and recycling process. Once the compound was up and running, Countryfest had the need to purchase garbage trucks for the Festival. This was another investment dedicated to the environment and we continue to invest on an annual basis with new ideas and maintenance.

Presently, two local volunteer groups are involved with the garbage collection and recycling done on site. The Lt. Colonel Barker VC Squadron #50 (Air Cadets) are responsible for the entire lower campground area. The upper camping area, amphitheatre and vendor area are serviced by The Dauphin Ochre Band Parents, who have been involved almost as long as the festival has been going.

Going one step further, being environmentally friendly at a festival requires campers and attendees to help out and become involved as well. Every camper entering the site is given and is encouraged to use separate bags for garbage and recyclables, and several barrels for garbage and recycling are placed throughout the site. Countryfest plans to expand and enhance the Recycling Program, raising awareness of recycling with far-reaching benefits.

Dauphin's Countryfest is unique in that its more than 12,000 seat amphitheatre is built right into the natural landscape, nestled among towering trees near the winding Vermillion River.

"The rich legacy of music among the natural surroundings of the Parkland region has prompted Countryfest to rededicate itself to recycling."

... Says President Eric Irwin, adding...

"The festival site is a great source of pride to the entire community."

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