For those who are following our Twitter accounts may have noticed that we were tagged publicly in a post about how “We do not take sexual violence seriously, and that we had zero issue letting a camper like this into the festival campground.”


This photo (above) was sent to us in 2019 with an attached complaint via Twitter and Email sent in July 2019. We looked into when this photo would have been posted, where and if it was in fact in 2019.

After locating when this image was originally posted and where, we are reporting the following information. It is a photo of a camper that had come into our grounds during Countryfest 2011 completely clean, and was later vandalized by a friend of the camper owner in 2011 after our gates volunteers had let the camper into the festival grounds. The person that had tagged us in this post had released the account to us after we had asked where this photo was found. The captions state that the camper was vandalized in 2011.





Dauphin’s Countryfest and its Board of Directors and Staff does not support this culture, or this act of violence. We would love to think that all of our festival patrons feel safe on the grounds of the festival site. However, we are not naive to think that sexual violence does not occur at our festival and other festivals around the world.

If someone is a victim to sexual assault during Countryfest weekend it is important to report this to our First Aid. There are two locations, one located by the lower Main Amphitheatre Entrance, and one in the Lower Campground Area by the 24 hour Security Station. Those to be found committing any form of harassment or assault would be immediately removed from the grounds and have their wristband revoked, with the possibility of local law enforcement getting involved as required.

Dauphin’s Countryfest is also open to other ideas of how we can become more involved in promoting sexual health and preventing sexual violence at our festival so that we can keep a safe environment for our patrons year after year.

Winner: Dale Richter from Broadview, SK

Winner: Jan Middleton from West St Paul, MB

Winner: Cody Matiation from Birtle, MB

Winner: Jim Cassidy from Creighton, SK

Dauphin Home Hardware is doing a new type of contest this year and stepping back from the Annual Campground Contest, (Don't fret, We are still doing the campground contest and you can find out more about it on the 'Activities' page on our website). 

Want to walk away from #CFEST2019 with BIG PRIZES from Dauphin’s Home Hardware? Dauphin Home Hardware wants to know how YOU celebrate #CFEST2019 with your buddies. All Countryfest weekend when sharing posts of how YOU celebrate #CFEST2019 with your friends; tag @dauphinhomehardware and use the hashtag #HeresHowWeCFEST2019 to be automatically entered to win!

Prizes will be drawn Saturday on the Main Stage

IMPORTANT Wristband and Ticketing Information. Check out our infographic explaining the RFID rollout for #CFEST2019. RFID bracelets will decrease gate wait times, as well as enhance your ticketing experience for the festival.

Next week, we will be doing a #TuneInTuesday where we will address the questions that you may have on our RFID ticketing system this year. So if you do have questions you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

View our Infographic via. Pinterest




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