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  • CAMPSITES: Are approximately 20’ x 30’. No power or water hookups available at campsites.
  • ICE: Available for sale on site. Prices will be posted on site and in Souvenir Program.
  • WATER and/or SEPTIC SERVICE: Available in the campgrounds throughout weekend. A fee will be charged at the time of service.
  • WATER TAPS: Located throughout campgrounds.
  • GARBAGE: Black and/or orange garbage bags are distributed to campsites daily. Bagged garbage is picked up daily from campsites. Messy campgrounds are grounds for eviction.
  • RECYCLING: Clear bags for recycling cans are distributed to and picked up from campsites daily. Blue barrels are located throughout the site for cans, box board and plastic bottles. Please use them.
  • SHOWERS: Located throughout the campsites (Fee: $53.00).
  • WASHROOMS: Located in every campground and throughout the site.
  • DISABLED WASHROOMS: Located in the Countryfest Social Hall and road along Heritage Camping

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