Q. How do I become a member of Dauphin's Countryfest?

Details of membership can be found on our MEMBERSHIP page. Simply download the application form and send it in to us. If you have additional questions or comments, please call our office at 1-800-361-7300.

Q. What do I do if I have lost my wristband on site?

Countryfest is not responsible for lost or stolen wristbands. They will be a charge to replace to any wristbands.

Q. Is there a Shuttle bus and transportation up to the top of the hill?

Yes. There is a shuttle service that runs daily to and from Dauphin, Thursday - Sunday approximately every 20 minutes. Shuttle service from the Lower Will Call to the Social Hall is free. For more information visit our TRANSPORTATION page.

Q. Should we bring lawn chairs to sit on in the amphitheatre for the Main Stage show?

No. Our festival is unique in that the amphitheatre is built right into a hill. Bleacher seating (wooden and metal) is provided, offering every patron the "best seat in the house".

Q. Can we purchase food on site? Is there a breakfast served?

Yes, there are plenty of food vendors on site open from Thursday to Sunday, 11:00am - 2:00am. There is a Big Breakfast served in the Social Hall in the upper vending area Thursday- Sunday from 8:00am - 2:00pm.

Q. Are there ATMs onsite?

Yes, ATMs are located in the centre of the upper vending area, just behind the Token Booth; next to the Countryfest office at the lower entrance of the amphitheatre and in the VIP lounge.

Q. Do onsite vendors (food and shopping) accept Visa, MasterCard or cheques?

Some may, but most vendors operate on a cash only basis. ATMs are located onsite for your convenience.

Q. Are we allowed to bring alcoholic drinks from our campsite into the stage / vending area?

No. You are free to consume your pre-purchased alcohol while on your campsite. All alcohol brought to the main stage / vending area will be confiscated.

Q. Does Dauphin's Countryfest put on other events during the year?

Yes. Dauphin's Countryfest often puts on "Countryfest Presents" shows throughout the year in Dauphin, Brandon, Yorkton, etc. All shows are advertised on our website and social media.

Q. Does Dauphin's Countryfest support not-for-profit organizations? How many volunteers participate in Dauphin's Countryfest?

Yes. Dauphin's Countryfest itself is a not-for-profit corporation, and annually contributes approximately $150,000 to various service clubs and other not-for-profit organizations whose 2000+ volunteers perform essential services for the festival, such as wristbanding, selling showers, selling ice, manning parking lots, managing cleanup and recycling of campgrounds, etc.

Q. Does Dauphin's Countryfest own the festival site?

No. Dauphin's Countryfest leases the festival site from the Ukrainian Folk Arts and Museum Inc. (Selo Ukraina). The festival site is also home to Canada's National Ukrainian Festival, Manitoba Mudrun, MS Relay For Life, Girl Guide functions, Rotary Lobsterfest, weddings and other functions. Dauphin's Countryfest is proud to have invested over $3M dollars worth of improvements and upgrades into the site throughout the years, including new stages, gravelling of roads, additional bleachers, paving and many other upgrades.


Q. Why don't you plant trees in the campgrounds, pave or gravel day parking, put in electrical hook-ups, etc.?

Countryfest does not own the site where the event takes place. We rent the site from Selo Ukraina for the weekend as well as some additional land from a number of surrounding farmers for the Fisher Campground and day parking. As we are not the owners of the land, we are limited to what changes, if any, we can make to parts of the site.

Q. Can we have a campfire on our campsite?

No, open fires of any kind are not permitted on site.

Q. What size are the campsites?

The majority of the campsites are 20 x 30 feet. There are some campsites in Lower Reserved that are 20 x 20, which we suggest is only for tents. Fisher Premium campsites are approx. 20' x 40'.

Q. What happens if our camper is bigger than the campsite?

We strongly encourage you to leave any large RV's at home. Since most campsites are 30' maximum, larger units simply will not fit! Camping assistants are on site to help you.

Q. Are pets allowed on site?

Pets are allowed, but in the campground area only, and must be on a leash at all times.

Q. Are we allowed to bring fireworks onto the site?

No. Personal fireworks are not allowed on site. Anyone using fireworks will be evicted from the site.

Q. What are the grounds for eviction from the site?

Countryfest wants everyone to have a safe and enjoyable festival weekend. By obeying the rules and respecting fellow festival goers, everyone can enjoy the weekend. Grounds for eviction are: Fireworks, Rowdy or Disrespectful Behaviour, Excessive Noise, Messy Campsite, Invalid or Absent Wristband, Rule Violations.

Q. If dropping off a camper for a family member or friend, do I need a ticket / wristband to get onto the site?

If dropping of a camper for someone on the festival grounds, you will need to leave a valid credit card at the Will Call Booth upon entry. If you do not return within approximately two hours to pick it up, charges may apply.

Q. Can I camp onsite if I have only a day pass?

No, camping tickets are not available to purchase when buying day passes. Camping can be purchased only when two weekend passes are purchased.

Q. Why do I need to purchase two weekend passes to purchase one campsite?

Dauphin's Countryfest has a limited amount of campsites. To ensure that we sell weekend passes and camping passes at the same rate and to ensure that camping is available during the sale of weekend passes; two weekend passes must be purchased for every one campsite purchased.

Q. Can I switch my campsite for a different site?

No, we do not offer exchanges.


I ordered my tickets by phone and have not received them. What do I do?

Even though you ordered by phone, our operators still processed an online order for you. If your tickets were purchased before June 10, you will be shipped your ticketing package to the address that you provided. You will also receive a confirmation email sent you your email address. If you ordered after June 10, you will have to exchange your emailed tickets for wristbands at the Festival Gates. For any more information regarding your tickets please call the Countryfest office at 1-800-361-7300.

Q. When should I expect to receive my tickets?

At the time of purchase you would have provided an email address and a mailing address. Since all tickets orders are processed electronically, you should receive a confirmation email within 2-3 minutes. Festival credentials, wristbands, camping stickers, reserved seating lanyards, etc will be mailed to the mailing address on your account 3 to 4 weeks prior to the festival.

Q. Can I upgrade my weekend pass to a VIP?

Yes. You can upgrade your weekend pass to any of the three kinds of VIPs based on availability. Please call our office to upgrade at 1-800-361-7300.

Q. If I bought a weekend pass but can only attend for one day, can I sell the other two days or give my wristband to someone else?

No, weekend passes cannot be split up into day passes. A weekend wristband cannot be transferred to someone else. Any wristband that has been cut or tampered with is VOID any will not be replaced. Persons without appropriate wristbands are not allowed to be on site.

Q. I bought my tickets but am no longer able to attend. Can I get a refund?

No, we do not offer refunds.

Q. How does E-Z Pay work?

EZ Pay allows you to split your purchase into three easy installments. Pay the first installment at the time of purchase and pay the remaining balance on a monthly basis (payments are made automatically on the same day of each month following). Value of ticket order must exceed $100.

Q. Can we pay online with VISA Debit or MasterCard Debit?

No, unfortunately our online system does not accept VISA Debit or MasterCard Debit.

Q. My friends and I purchased our weekend passes separately, how do we buy camping?

Two weekend passes must be purchased for every one campsite purchased. You can call our office at 1-800-361-7300 with either two ticket numbers or names of the purchasers.

Q. What and where is "Will Call"?

Will Call is the location on site at the festival where you can pick up your tickets. Dauphin's Countryfest Will Call booth is located right at the Main Gates.

Q. Can members purchase tickets before they go on sale to the public?

Yes, members have the right to purchase tickets (2 weekend or VIP passes per membership) about a month prior to them going on sale to the public. Members will be notified of this by mail or email.

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